Birthing Alpaca Services

The birthing season is one of our favorite times at the ranch!! We have assisted the new mothers many times and have attended neonatal classes to learn the many issues that may occur. We have a separate Herd Health Room in our barn that the mother and newborn stay in when needed which usually means for the first 2-3 days. If you are not comfortable with the birthing process, or cannot be “On-Call” full time, let us help you and the new mother! Please see a list of our offerings below. Call us for more details if needed!

  • Full Birthing Services
  • We are “On-Call” during birthing season 24 hours a day with electronic monitoring from the barn.
  • A separate Herd Health Room for the mom and new born
  • Fees:
    • Normal births start at $350 with other pricing for summer or difficult births. For a full list of our services and pricing please contact us directly.
    • Vet bills, if incurred, are pass through expenses.



  Jessie Quick